Take a look behind the scenes and find out about the manufacture of kyBoot Swiss air-cushion shoes with their soft, elastic soles. They are produced largely by hand using a process that can include up to 40 steps. 

The high-tech kyBoot production factory developed by Karl Müller – who invented the MBT shoe, which has sold millions of units to date – reflects the spirit of innovation and the emphasis on precision and quality for which Switzerland is known.

The kybun MechanoTherapy evolved out of the MBT shoe’s rollover approach and they became the centrepieces of the kybun walk-on-air concept. The products that were developed and patented in line with this concept allow people living in urban areas to experience the comfort and the beneficial effects of walking on soft, elastic natural surfaces in their daily lives.

The Swiss air-cushion shoe is currently sold in approximately 29 countries. It is recommended by many doctors and physiotherapists and worn by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.