Movement in everyday school life

Studies show that moderate movement while learning makes learning easier and improves concentration, creativity and performance. This is why we are inviting you to the kybun World, which can serve as a resource for your lessons!

A variety of informative and hands-on stations are available for your pupils, offering a wealth of new perspectives regarding healthy movement in everyday life at school. Experience, discover and try out lessons in which everyone is standing and active. Dedicate a full day to this important life lesson, without being held to the conventional one-hour time frame.

Or visit the kybun World as part of a teacher training course.

  • Group size: between 12 and 30 people
  • Spacious 130 m2 classrooms with plenty of room to move around freely
  • Including modern multimedia technology
  • kybun World tour with an expert guide
  • Additional experts such as sports scientists, PE teachers and therapists from kybun are available on request
  • Standing desk including a kybun mat
  • Catering from the ‘Culinarium’ bistro available on request
  • The movement in everyday school life programme is possible on weekdays and Saturdays but it is not possible to visit the high-tech factory on Saturdays.